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Kombucha Workshop

We started brewing kombucha 4 years ago and have grown a huge passion about the quality that it offers when it has the opportunity to celebrate its fullest potential.  We have designed this workshop as an Educational Class & Kit Bundle sharing with you an abundance of knowledge.  Learning the variables about kombucha will build your skills and confidence to brew at home, as well as encourage you to go beyond the beverage!  We are excited to enlightening you with these beautiful opportunities that will stimulate being a healthier human!



What You Get


Digital presentation throughout class with a pamphlet provided. We encourage taking notes!


You will learn how to brew your own kombucha at home with a brew kit that's provided, while tasting and assessing many of kombucha's offerings during the day!  

Course Outcome

  • Why: kombucha's history & health benefits

  • Quality Control: tasting and learning differences during the fermentation cycles

  • 2nd Fermentation: flavouring and bottling options, how-to's to get the best "PFSTTT" out of your bubbles

  • Confidence: troubleshooting techniques

  • Scoby Care: what now? Learn about products and uses beyond the beverage


Implementing a simple routine, using our easy to follow brewing guide will create an abundance of better health for you and your family. It is so easy you can teach your family to brew along with you! 


We are excited to share with you our knowledge and TruBooCha products going beyond the beverage: aged kombucha vinegar, sourdough bread, and sweet treats.  

4 Hour Hands-On Class & Kit Bundle


Glass Brewing Vessel
Live Kombucha Culture (SCOBY) w/ Starter Tea
2 Pre-measured Bags of Organic Sugar (2 Brews)
2 Pre-measured Bags of Organic Tea 

4 Glass Bottles for 2nd Ferment
Adhesive Temperature Strip 
pH Strips
Cotton Cloth Cover

Bottle Sanitizer Solution
Detailed Step-by-Step Brewing Instructions


Kombucha inspired canapés and beverages will be offered!

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