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We are Tyler & Kristin Gyurkovits,

Healthy Human Chef Educators

  • Advocates for a healthy gut microbiome

  • Advocates for organic cannabis

  • Advocates for organic regenerative farming

  • Advocates for cooking nutrient rich meals

We are passionate to help families learn a new clean and clear approach to improve their health. To help families understand why it makes a difference to know what food you’re eating. We are here to inform you about how you can make changes in your life to improve your health.

We will help understand why the “gut microbiome” is such an important part to our diet. By learning to identify and avoid refined sugary products aka (HFCS) high fructose corn syrup. Especially ones created with hybridized wheat, GMO's, grown with glyphosate or other harmful toxins or processed with additives.

We all need to understand that by de-stigmatizing cannabis, we can learn what this amazing plant has to offer. Educating through personal experience on how it can help with healing numerous aliments, through different methods of ingestion. Cannabis will help the world become a better place throughout the years to come!!!   

Our program will 'cut to the point' by providing bountiful resource and references for families to grow themselves healthy.  We live in a time where we cannot stay naïve and ignore the truth of how many humans are getting sick every year!  We need to bring awareness for humans realize WHAT the corporate world “feeds” humanity!  We are grateful to be a part of the global movement that is lifting the density of misinformation that smothers us all. We share our knowledge by slowing down and taking the time to understand how important food is to humans.

It is all of our duties to learn the basics of how our body functions and how to prepare food to properly fuel our bodies and brains with the proper nutrients that nature intended. Let us share how, with you and your family.

We believe that by helping to educate humans to invest in their organic health through; nutrient rich meals, organic cannabis, regenerative farming practices and probiotics like kombucha by going “beyond the beverage” will help create a healthy atmosphere that we can all live to the fullest. 

By implementing small changes in our lives we ALL can truly help the world become a better place.

Launching Spring 2021:

Healthy Human Education ~ online program & BC Tour 

Food | Cannabis | Kombucha | Living Soil

Details TBA

BIRTHday CannaEduDining Parties 

For the canna-curious, we host YOU ~ our way!

Details TBA

Launching Spring 2022:

International Healthy Human Retreats

Details TBA

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 Kombucha Workshop


Beyond the Beverage 


Healthy Human


Cannabis Consulting


Canna-Edu-Dining Parties


Why Kombucha?

Health benefits that prevent & alleviate modern diseases

Encourages nutrient absorption
Boosts vitamin synthesis
Corrects systemic imbalances
Strengthens the immune system
Jumpstarts digestion
Increases probiotics in the gut

Absolutely loved the kombucha class. Tyler and Kristin are so much fun and definitely know their craft. I'm thrilled to be making my own brew at home now.

Regina Lee, Vancouver

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